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My Name is Michael J. West I am a self proclaimed Renaissance Man. I call myself this because not only am I a lover of the Arts, but I'm an artist myself. I have many artistic interests and styles, and I have explored and experimented in many different genre and media of the Arts. The various ranges of my interests and experiences are from writting poetry, essays and journals, drawing and painting, photography, animation and web design. Other than my trainings at both Framingham State University and Quinsigamond Community College I am a self taught artist, writer and photographer.

Education: Framingham State University May 2012, graduated Summa Cum Laude, Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communications, and a minor concentration in Studio Art. Quinsigamond Community College May 2006, graduated with Highest Honors, Associates Degree in Applied Arts. Programs Worked With: *Adobe Dreamweaver * Adobe GoLive * Adobe LiveMotion *Adobe InDesign *Adobe Acrobat Professional *Adobe PhotoShop. *Adobe Flash *Adobe Soundbooth *Adobe Illustrator *Adobe PageMaker *QuarkXpress *FileZilla *Text Wrangler *DropBox *Microsoft Word *Microsoft FrontPagel *Microsoft Power Point *Microsoft Publisher *Windows. *Operating Systems 95- XP, Windows Vista - Windows 8 and *Macintosh Operating Systems OS 9 - OS 10.6.

Misc: I was born and raised in Central Massachusetts and currently still reside in Massachusetts with my wife and partner, Natasha.


Hobbies & Interests: I enjoy Genealogy, Photography (including creating photo books from my Photography), Drawing, Painting, Expressing myself through any art medium, Writing, Reading, Animation movies, software and its entire process. I enjoy travelling, going to the movies, computers, The Internet, learning, video games (both computer and various gaming systems) and lastly of course I enjoy time with my wife, family and lastly good friends and good food.




Michael J. West